Amersfoort Zoo


Amersfoort Zoo

If you visit Amersfoort Zoo, you will experience a day full of animals and adventure. You will hear, see, and feel everything during your visit.

Can you hear the dinosaurs roaring from afar?
‘DinoBos’ is home to over 70 lifelike dinosaurs, some of which can roar or move! The various monkeys, lions, and impressive elephants also make plenty of noise. If you visit the Night, then prime your ears. You may run into night creatures unexpectedly during this trip.

In DierenPark Amersfoort, you can see all animals from up close. 
You are often face to face with the animals with nothing but a glass wall separating you. With the long giraffes at the Savannah, you stand at their height and look straight into their big eyes. In the ‘Stad der Oudheid’ you can see crocodiles, baboons, and impressive tigers.

Ever felt a spider? 
Perhaps you are the lucky one who gets to hold a spider or snake at the ‘Koele Knuffels’. Or visit the goats, sheep, and rabbits that you can pet. And at the ‘Vogelvolière’, you can feed birds. They might even sit on you. Want to feel butterflies in your belly? Act like a monkey in one of the three playgrounds.

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