Military Aviation Museum Soest


Military Aviation Museum Soest

Less than 10 minutes from Van der Valk Hotel Leusden, you can find the Military Aviation Museum. In this museum in Soesterberg, you can find out more about military aviation in the Netherlands and the phenomenon of flying. The planes, helicopters, objects, and historical material together demonstrate the historical heritage of military aviation of the Royal Dutch-Indian Army, the Naval Aviation Service, and above all, the Royal Air Force.

The Snijdershal
The Snijdershal takes you back in time. Photographic material, film, uniforms, and of course, the planes themselves provide a great image of the most important periods of military aviation from 1913. During the First and Second World War, military aviation rapidly developed, from Farman to Spitfire. The military aviation of the Royal Dutch-Indian Army is housed in a special department.

Museum shop
In our museum shop De Brik in the Ir. Vreeburghal, a broad range of items related to military aviation and flying is available.

Museum café 
Taste the atmosphere of an officers mess from the 30s in '30 in museum café Escadrille. With good weather, you can make use of the terrace and outdoor picnic area.

There is no charge for visiting the Military Aviation Museum.