Circus Gran Casino Leusden

Would you like to combine your stay at Van der Valk Hotel Leusden with a casino visit? At Hotel Leusden, this is possible! Right next to the hotel is Circus Gran Casino Leusden. Whether you enjoy an exciting game of roulette or prefer to take your seat behind one of the many vintage slot machines: in Circus Gran Casino Leusden you can do it all. Of course, the casino can also be visited by non-hotel guests.

Try your luck at Gran Casino Leusden

Located on the side of our hotel, Gran Casino Leusden is a modern and attractively decorated Las Vegas-style casino. In the spacious casino you will find various gaming machines spread over 2 floors. Circus Gran Casino Leusden offers its visitors a fun and unique experience. Its large and luxurious appearance makes you feel as if you are in Las Vegas. Conceived by Miguel Cancio, the designer of the famous Buddha Bar in Paris, the ornate fountain at the casino's entrance is the casino's eye-catcher.

At Gran Casino Leusden, gambling enthusiasts can indulge in the various slot machines. In fact, at Gran Casino Leusden, you will only find slot machines instead of tables with croupiers.

Free entry, snacks, drinks and entertainment

At Circus Gran Casino, you will experience a low-threshold concept and imagine yourself in a world of luxury and hospitality. Not only is entry free, but the hospitable staff are also happy to treat you to culinary snacks and drinks. In addition, the casino regularly organises live entertainment, such as theme and bingo nights with live music and fun lotteries. This makes Circus Gran Casino the ideal venue for a carefree night out.

Cashless play

At Circus Gran Casino Leusden, play is exclusively cashless. This means you play with a card, rather than loose coins. Bets and winnings are credited or debited to the card and the winnings are paid out afterwards. You can top up your player card with either cash or via pin. Is this your first time with us? Feel free to ask our staff any questions! They will be happy to answer them and tell you more about the casino or cashless gaming.

Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday: from 08:30 to 01:00 hours
Friday and Saturday: from 8:30 a.m. to 3 a.m.

Gran Casino Leusden is accessible from the age of 21.

More information about Circus Gran Casino can be found here.