Enjoy at Van der Valk

Discover our restaurant

Discover the surroundings of Amersfoort and go out! Are you going to the cinema in Amersfoort? Are you coming for a swim? Or do you enjoy shopping in the center of Amersfoort? It's all possible in the heart of Amersfoort!

Discover the surroundings of Leusden and go out! Do you throw a strike in bowling? Do you take a chance at the Circus Gran Casino in Leusden? Or are you going to 14 the theater spectacle about Johan Cruijff in the AFAS Theater? It's all possible in Leusden!

Leusden and Amersfoort

Discover the area

Discover the surroundings of Leusden and Amersfoort with a nice walk, one of our rented bicycles or our e-choppers. Go out and be surprised by the beautiful nature of Leusden-Amersfoort!


For the family

Van der Valk Hotel Leusden-Amersfoort is the perfect overnight stay with the family. In the area we have the Pyramid of Austerlitz, possibilities for indoor trampoline jumping, the cinema and bowling!

Out and about!

Culture and history

Next to Van der Valk Hotel Leusden-Amersfoort is the AFAS Theater, the ideal place to admire a theater play. Or would you rather dive into the history books and discover the story behind Kamp Amersfoort?

With the sun on your head

Water activities

The sun comes out and that means water fun! There are plenty of water activities to experience in the vicinity of Leusden-Amersfoort. Are you going for the cruise through Amersfoort or would you rather enjoy the recreation area in Zeumeren?