Van der Valk Hotel Leusden-Amersfoort offers free parking for guests arriving by car. The spacious parking lot can accommodate 250 cars and even has charging points for electric cars.

If you stay less than 3 hours, you can park for free in the parking lot. After that, parking costs 2.50 euros per hour, with a maximum daily rate of 15 euros. However, it is important to note that parking for hotel guests and guests of Circus Gran Casino Leusden is always free.

With these convenient and cost-effective parking options, the Van der Valk Hotel Leusden-Amersfoort is a perfect choice for travelers who come by car and are looking for a comfortable and affordable place to stay.

Location and accessibility

The location is located at Van der Valk Hotel Leusden-Amersfoort at Philipsstraat 18. Our hotel is located next to the A28 and supports travelers to Zwolle and travelers from Rotterdam and Utrecht who go to the east and north of the country.